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Could you perform EFFECTIVE CPR on a person of any age without delay?

Would you know what to do if your child was choking?

What if they bump their head - do you know what worrying signs to look out for?

Did you know fever is not a bad thing!?


If your answer is no to any of these questions you are not alone. We know parents are time poor (and often tired!). Our Fundamentals session is designed to incorporate lifesaving skills, and provide current evidence based information in a timely way. You’ll leave with the confidence to know what to do if your child is unwell or injured, and to make informed decisions about their healthcare and safety. Sessions include a ‘hands on’ component, pictures and videos. We create a laid back, engaging  and interactive space that generates questions and discussion. 

Our sessions are conducted by experienced paediatric emergency nurses. We believe this gives us a unique insight into what parents worry about - and what they really need to know. It also gaurantees some funny stories along the way!   Each participant receives a take home pack with resources to reinforce what they have learnt, and access other sources of support and information in the community. Discounts are available if more than one family member is attending, so bring a partner, grandparent, aunt or nanny.


Fundamentals Session

What you will learn


Common childhood illness

  • Illness management and prevention

  • Fever

  • Febrile convulsions

  • Signs of serious illness

Common childhood injuries

  • Accident causes and prevention

  • Poisoning

  • Burns

  • Head injuries



  • CPR for all ages with hands on practice with baby & older child mannequin


  • Common hazards

  • Choking first aid for all ages with hands on practice with baby mannequin


  • Safe sleeping


Cost: $70 per single, $65 per person for multiple family members
(think partner, grandparent, aunt or babysitter) 

Session length: 2.5 hours



“I really enjoyed this course and would absolutely recommend this to others who care for children.  Theres so much to learn and you can always take away something that is new and relevant” 

— Louise, Yarraville

“All the information is relevant. You are never made to feel silly, just gives you confidence that in an emergency you would be able to help your baby. Also the fact that the trainer was both an emergency nurse and a mum and still rings the poisons hotline and doesn’t always know what to do just somehow made me feel better about it all.”

— Susan, Bendigo

I found the session to be fantastic.  I was particularly pleased to learn about choking and how to tell if a baby is having trouble breathing” 

— Jessica, Bendigo

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