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Save a Kid...

...was founded in 2012 by paediatric emergency nurses who have provided emergency care to countless children and their families.  Supporting families through everything from a simple fever to the sometimes devastating effects of accidents and injuries (and everything in between), we’ve seen first hand the difference immediate first aid intervention can make in an emergency. 

We want all parents and carers to be equipped with these life saving skills, as well as have up to date knowledge around treatment and prevention of common childhood illness and injury.  We have a love for meeting families, and providing support and education to achieve this. All sessions are taught by paediatric emergency nurses - we believe this position gives us a unique insight into what parents worry about, and what they really need to know (not to mention a few funny stories along the way!).

Our mission is to dispel myths, alleviate fear and empower parents and carers with lifesaving skills, leaving them with the confidence to know what to do if their child is unwell or injured.



Megan has been a paediatric nurse for 15 years. 12 of these have been spent in a busy paediatric Emergency Department, where she has completed a postgraduate Certificate in Paediatric Emergency Nursing, and worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Associate Unit Manager. Working as an emergency nurse she is in the unique position of caring for children and their families she's never met, sometimes at their sickest, on one of the worst days of their lives. 

This isn't everyday - but undoubtedly every day is spent reassuring parents that are anxious about their child's fever, worried about their baby that bumped their head for the first time, or retrieving lego from a nostril. 

Having 3 wild boys of her own, there have been many occasions where she is grateful for her knowledge and experience.  Usually meeting families at a time of crisis, Save a Kid is an opportunity to reach parents and carers and share information they really need to know, in a more relaxed setting - hopefully before they experience injury and illness with their own children.